Annual Festival of Bands Competition at SOHS Stadium

This is our largest fundraiser presently. All marching band parents are asked to work this and all students work this too. It is a very long day of coordinated effort by Mr. McAllister and our Event Coordinators and all of our parents.

SnapRaise Campaign

Held annually in July. Our second biggest fundraiser. Send out emails and texts asking family and friends for donations.

Kroger Community Rewards

Click on link above and sign up today – it’s an easy way to earn money for our band programs. Just shop as usual with your Kroger shopper card, and we’ll earn a percentage.

Raise Right

To sign up for a super easy way to earn money for our band program, click on the link above this paragraph and then purchase e-gift cards for popular stores like Walmart, Target, and even Amazon. There are some options for restaurants, too. Contact a fellow band booster or RaiseRight coordinator for the enrollment code.

Mattress Sale

Held each spring.  We help promote mattress sale to be held at SOHS in return for a percentage of profits.

Trash Pickups

When we can get them, are a program that is offered by Oldham County Public Works Department for school and community organizations. We are lucky to get to do this once every year or two.

Grant Writing

Each year we look for opportunities to apply for grants to help support our programs.

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