Ode to a Band Parent

Ode to a Band Parent

They come in using a four-letter word, B-A-N-D, Oh how absurd!
We don’t have time in our lives for that! No room on the rack for another kind of hat.

The look on their face as they step through the door, you know that they’ve come to beg even more.
“I really do want and just have to join band.” So, with a sigh, you say, “I guess you can.”

You see them working day and night. They really try to get it just right.
The blood, the sweat, and tears they share, show others that they really care.

Then WE begin to feel the pain, the work and funds drive us insane.
Now in their eyes, we see them tire, but still they manage to inspire.

We feel that we must lift a hand, maybe I could boost the band.
I really don’t know what I could do, I guess that I could polish shoes.

It doesn’t take long for us to see, this organization really needs me.
We build, we feed, we dress them all. And strangely enough, we have a ball!

We start to call these parents, friends, if we?re speaking each day, it all depends.
We battle and fight much more than the kids, over food, or props, or uniform bids.

But we’re all here for one main reason, to help these kids through marching band season.
The marchers, they learn to pull together, in all kinds of pain and all kinds of weather.

We need to watch and listen and learn. The knowledge we gain, we must return.
There’s a lot of happiness and little sorrow, people here today are gone tomorrow.

Time, it goes so quickly by. Our babies grow up before our eyes.
So, we’re not here for a coup d’etat, we’re just here to be a mom and pa.

So, if you’re a freshman parent, feeling a little incoherent,
and at times it is all you can bear, it’ll be OK, we have all been there.

So step on up and take the rein, you will have much more to gain.
Always think big and reach for the sky. Soon, the senior boosters will say,

Written by Sharon Storrie, SOHS Band Booster President 2000-02
The SOHS Marching Band Boosters
Thank You for your support!

© Copyright 2004 SOHS Band Boosters

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